Size: each panel 34” x 19” x 0.5”
Overall size: 9 ft x 12 ft
Material/Technique: black enamel paint fused to 420 white sheets of glass, mounted in sets of 10 double Images on plastic,

Rorschach, is a large wall installation of glass “prints.”  Each piece in the series has been made by dripping enamel onto a glass sheet and pressing a second sheet onto it to create a mirror image, much like an inkblot. These plates display a range of symmetrical anthropomorphic patterns, with no two exactly alike. The images summon the audience’s internal structures of image processing and recognition.
The Rorschach phycology test was developed in early 1900. The test was used to detect mental disorders. The inkblots don’t depict anything, yet the human mind tries to make sense of something nonsensical and in this process applies known attributes to resembling shapes. 
Today the test is controversial and not in use anymore. Finding myself in a difficult situation at the time I started creating these prints in the hope that through repetition a pattern would emerge, creating familiarity within the foreign. Rorschach became a language and an alphabet of silent signals.