Collaboration between: Ellen (Jing) Xu & Anna Mlasowsky
Material/Technique: Performance ( 4h: 30min), mirrors, mixed media

What is illusion and what is real? A mirror reflects a faithful image of its surrounding it mimics what is in front of it. Without its own identity it can become almost anything else. By being there it makes itself invisible and gives room to questions. 

In the collaborative performance piece with Ellen (Jing) Xu we use fragmentation achieved by mirrors and the effects of a kaleidoscope to break apart and re-merge our bodies and the bodies of the viewers, in order to create a collective identity.
The mirrors don’t only reassemble our bodies in the performance, but also shows the viewer a reflection of their own self, turning them into performers as well. The play with fragmentation allowed us to create a fluid, non-binary systems in which we could explore how we feel about being foreigners as well as aspects of being gay.