Chorus of One


Material/Technique: Rhino Glass-Ceramic, fabric, Body

Chorus of One is a wearable sound object, producing multiple tones when activated by a single performer. The wearable was created after the facets of a found rock. Each scale of the cloak is a face of the rock, the dimensions were kept from the original rock. The type of glass used for the creation of this object was a material developed for body armor by Corning Inc. as a specialty glass product for the military, which I got to use during my Specialty Glass residency in 2016. The glass is called Rhino glass and it is extremely shatter resistant. 

I became interested in how a shield is also an inhibiter. As protection both a boundary and border. It inhibits movement but also communication. Performance, dance and music are the opposite of a protective layer. Chorus of one is an object that possess both, inhibiting and extending.