Material/Technique: Glass, spinning wheel, sound, video (2:35 min )
In the fall of 2009 I got a pair of socks, which my great grandmother had made out of the wool from their own sheep's in the time of the second world war. She used to make her living during difficult times by selling home made products. These socks where never worn, creamy white with some irregular twists and had the particular smell of sheep. They reminded me of the spinning wheel which had been around in their home when I was a child. Later on, with my great grand mother getting older and my grand mother not being able to use it, it got moved in the staircase of the house. It became a decorative useless object. Today it found its final place in the attic, where sometimes someone comes up and remembers the old days. The narrative of ”Heritage” is an exploration of the use of past experiences and technology for the future and the things that are being lost as our realities change.