Material/Technique: Refrigerator mechanics stripped bare, metal armature, spray paint, two channel Video projection ( 8h loop) of a soap bubble and a glory hole
( Furnace used to reheat glass) 
Photo Credit: Mark Woods


In alchemy opposing forces, the male and the female, the sun and the moon, the hot and the cold are separated and then reunited to produce the hermaphroditic child, the perfect third being that can unify the oppositions. Each of the video's projected on opposing walls go through cyclical imagery. The soap bubble starts emptying until it is almost black, the glory hole dims until it almost cold just to start slowly glowing again, to fill again, while the refrigerator in the center between the projections continuously heats and cools. Its front cooling coils frosting over and the back condenser coils heating it in the same time. Creating a space of never coming full circle, of never being able to achieve the transformation completely.